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  • ​When Can I Plant My Tree or Shrub?​
    All our plants are grown outdoors & are hardy. Unless otherwise stated, they are potted and ready to plant at any time of the year. Just plant in a hole, firm in with your heel, water well (even if it's raining!) and leave to do its own thing.
  • I'm not a "gardener"! What do I need to do when my plant arrives?
    We deliberately specialise in trees, shrubs and perennial plants that are unusual, but EASY! Our plants should delight both gardeners and non-gardeners, and make fabulous gifts for anyone with a garden, patio or balcony! Unless otherwise stated in individual descriptions, all you need to do is dig a hole, backfill, water well & watch!! In its first year, water regularly, or whenever you remember, and your new plant should thrive. If "pruning" is required, no special knowledge is needed! Just trim to required size or shape. We rarely sell "precious" plants, so it's doubtful that you'd be able to kill it!
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