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Collection of 3 very scented hardy colourful easy-care plants for a border approx 3-4M long.

Collection consists of 2 x evergreen shrubs and 1 tall deciduous shrub good for screening.

All with white highly scented flowers in summer.


1 x Philadelphus Mock Orange "Virginal" (height to approx 2.5-3M x 1.5-2m wide), 3litre pot

1 x Choisya Ternata Sundance (height and spread to approx 2M), 3litre pot

1 x Choisya Ternata White Dazzler (height and spread to approx 0.8-1M), 3litre pot


Please see our other individual listings for a full description of each plant if needed.

3 x Scented Shrub Collection for 3-4M Border

Only 4 left in stock